Who we are

DM INDUSTRY S.R.L. is an Italian company which works in many areas of processing under contract.

Our company is determined to play an important role in the enhanced manufacturing sector.

DM was created with the characteristics of a craft company, but with a wide-ranging national perspective that allowed it to create a complete organizational structure, while maintaining a flexibility to accommodate every aspect of a customer’s needs.

The reality of working has grown rapidly and has dynamically fulfilled the market needs, which has become more and more competitive and demanding.


DM has completed the ISO 9001:2015 certification process. The achievement of this certification confirmed the goal of our company, which has always focused on complete customer’s satisfaction.

Thanks to the services offered we guarantee:

  • Quality
  • Cost optimization
  • Flexibility
  • Short time delivery
  • A single interlocutor



Thanks to decades of experience in processing under contract, DM Industry proposes to support your company during the phase of assembly with its services using a wide range of processing under contract.

The many types of goods produced by us are to the highest standard and every finished product is guaranteed to be of excellent quality.

Our different departments aim to satisfy every need. The assembly of finished products, according to the needs of the customer, is regularized by rigorous controls and working cycles, which ensure a certified quality.


We provide electrical wiring of all kind: from the manufacture of unipolar wires to the realization of multipolar ones. We pay special attention to the choice of materials which are provided by leading companies in the sector in order to offer the best possible product according to the current regulations. All our operative phases are combined during the productive processes ensuring cost optimization which doesn’t affect the quality of the assembled products. Our machineries can cut, automatically skin and clip wires of different types and sizes. In the lighting assembly field we are able to provide different types of wire such as PVC wire, silicon wire, FEP wire, etc., allowing the customer not to worry about the management.


The supply of gluing products has been one of the major developing fields of our company which appears on the market, with the ability to offer a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Automatic foaming
  • Manual gluing
  • Automatic gluing

The products used are simple silicon, mono and bi-component adhesives, either hot or cold.

The experience gained on cartesian and anthropomorphic robots today allows us to offer automatic applications which guarantee high-level quality standards with aesthetic finishes, which will increase the quality of the finished product.

Our company is supported by engineers who collaborate in order to satisfy different needs, looking for the most appropriate application for each material and proposing solutions on any IP protection requested.


Offering a global service, which aims to bring together all the manufacturing operations under a single referent, DM industry is able to provide the service of trimming for printed plastic materials. Trimming, sanding and grouting are also combined with painting processes that we will be able to follow directly. Thanks to our experience in both automatic and manual fields, all burrs can be removed from any product, ensuring a high level of finishes, cleaning and quality control.


The production center specialized in industrial painting works on metal and plastic material, using both liquid and powder manufacturing. The painting is applied according to the customer’s specification. We also give our advice on the painting to be used according to the material to be painted. The process is certified and subjected to rigorous cycles; internal tests, periodically performed, giving evidence of our high-quality work.  We are willing to manage small or large batches of material, using static or automatic systems.Thanks to the assembly we can guarantee that the final product is controlled from the post-molding process right through to delivery to the final customer.

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