DM Industry transport module is a simple solution which aims at integrating companies into the internal and external logistic management systems.

This project was borne to increase our competitiveness, and after development and internal tests, it satisfies many other needs on the global market.

This innovative solution allows us to double the loading docks in a simple and effective way, eliminating stackability problems of bulks and non-bearing packaging.

This transport module has been designed to organize the shipment before the arrival of the truck, allowing us to prepare the load in advance, reducing the down-time of the means of transport, optimizing the storage spaces within the logistic areas. You will be then equipped with mobile shelves which guarantee a flexibility of handling and a considerable saving in logistic costs.

We offer you the transport module after an in-depth analysis of the optimization process, sized according to the customer’s needs.

Its ease of use allows one single operator to manage them independently, giving the chance to load the trailers both sides and from behind.

The DM Industry transport modules have a minimum capacity of  1000 kg, are completely foldable and surmountable; the single module occupies 42 cm when closed and the model you can see in the picture is 2400×1800 cm.

According to the needs of the customer we can vary:

  • Dimensions
  • Capacity
  • Module weight

DM Industry is available, at no cost, to measure the customer’s savings with this innovative project.