Quality policy


This document officially formalizes the company Quality Policy. It does not define concrete objectives to be achieved, but rather provides the basic guidelines for establishing and reviewing the objectives themselves.
The Policy is exposed internally and externally to DM INDUSTRY SRL and communicated and explained to all company personnel. Furthermore, it is periodically reviewed on the occasion of the “Management Reviews”, regarding its adequacy, by all the collaborators and by the Management.
The Policy was established by the Management in accordance with the needs and possibilities of DM INDUSTRY SRL.

The development of ever more demanding and aware markets and customers implies an ever stronger impact of the products and services offered by DM INDUSTRY SRL on them.
In order to achieve quality levels that satisfy the customer’s needs and establish themselves on the market, the Direction of DM INDUSTRY SRL has decided to structure the Quality Management System in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 Standard.
The Directives established by the Direction for DM INDUSTRY SRL can be summarized in the following points:

Maintaining customer expectations is the primary objective for achieving production targets and consolidating them. Customer satisfaction is a requirement for the loyalty and extension of collaboration, for the purposes of company development.



Competitiveness in the markets requires the ability to offer products and services in accordance with the needs and expectations of the market.

To this end, DM INDUSTRY SRL operates internally to determine the following guarantees:

To have appropriate machinery and equipment to ensure the compliance of the services with the requirements specified or expected by the Customer.
Fulfill customer orders as quickly as possible, trying to anticipate customer requests.
Provide adequate and timely assistance to the Customer, both for complaints and for requested information.
Trying to optimize the production and management costs of the company, for the benefit of both DM INDUSTRY SRL and the customer.
The results achieved, the result of intense collaboration with suppliers and customers, encourage the entire supply chain, thanks to the results obtained, to a continuous process for its improvement and the expansion of the markets.


The management operates in a structural manner on all the actors of the various departments in order to have the participation of all those involved in achieving the company results. The strategies resulting from the analysis of trends and results are transmitted to all employees and analyzed with them, in order to obtain a global knowledge of the needs and expectations to be determined for our customers.



Every employee must feel involved in the development and achievement of qualitative goals. DM INDUSTRY SRL activates participation and promotes the training development of its collaborators in order to increase their autonomy and responsibility in achieving the set objectives.



Through participation and training all employees increase their skills. The process of continuous improvement is developed with targeted models derived from the formation and interaction of knowledge through risk assessment policies and planning interventions aimed at eliminating the possible risks for our customers.



Our work is always developed in compliance with all the mandatory standards in terms of safety and health protection of workers.

DM INDUSTRY SRL implements a policy of safeguarding the territory from an environmental point of view with compliance with all mandatory environmental regulations.

All our products aim to safeguard natural resources and to establish a relationship of trust with the workers and the territory.

All developments related to the use of alternative energy sources for sustainable growth are implemented as far as possible and through the search for innovative technologies.

The DM INDUSTRY SRL, aware of the well-being brought to the territory of belonging, develops a policy for growth and development source of guarantee for all internal and external actors – such as workers, suppliers, customers and local authorities – and all industrial activity is developed in the protection of fundamental rights for every citizen.

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